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Bronx REACH CHAMPS - Worksite Wellness

Bronx REACH CHAMPS aims to help employers create and foster a healthy work environment by promoting healthier lifestyles to their employees and reducing their risk for chronic disease. Become a Health Champion for your office!


The guidelines below help your organization serve healthy foods and beverages at meetings, trainings, parties, potlucks or other gatherings.

Beverage Vending Machines-Click to Expand MAKING THE HEALTHY CHOICE THE EASY CHOICE

Make Healthy Beverages Available at Meetings and Beverage Vending Machines
* Serve tap water every time you serve food and/or beverages.

* If serving milk, serve 1% or non-fat and plain, unsweetened milk, unless you are serving milk as a condiment (e.g. milk for coffee).

* If serving 100% fruit juice, serve in 6-ounce cups or juice boxes.

* If serving other beverage options, choose low-calorie beverages.

     o Low-calorie beverages contain 25 calories or less per 8 ounces.

Make Healthy Snack options available at food vending machines
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Make Healthy Food Options Available at Meetings and Special Events
Click to Expand* Serve vegetables and/or fruits when meals or snacks are served.

* When grains are served, provide a whole-grain option (e.g. brown rice, whole wheat sliced bread, wraps or bagels, or whole wheat pasta).

* If serving yogurt, serve low-fat, plain yogurt.

* Do not serve fried foods (e.g. potato chips and French fries).

* If providing breakfast breads or sandwiches, cut in halves or quarters.

* If providing sweets, other than fruit, provide one small portion per person.