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Why support your local Federally Funded Health Center?

  • Federally Funded Health Centers provide a place for uninsured people to get regular medical care. They also help families get public health insurance.
  • They are often located in neighborhoods where there are not enough doctors or places for people to get care.
  • Most centers offer services that patients cannot get at a private doctor’s office such as support groups, social work services, nutrition counseling, and health education classes.

It is important that our elected officials understand how Federally Funded Health Centers benefit the people and families they serve. Cuts to funding can mean devastating health outcomes for the people who need help the most.

How Can You Help?

Here is how you can help your Federally Funder Community Health Center:
  • Join BCHN at "Advocacy Day," an annual trip to the state capital in Albany, New York to voice support to our state legislators the important role health centers play in the community. Call BCHN at (718) 405-7720 for details.
  • Become a health center advocate. Go to CHCANYS Grassroots Action Network for more information.
  • Or call us at (718) 405-7720 and tell us in your own words why affordable, quality health care is important to you.